Franchises in Transition Panel

Here is the audio for the Franchises in Transition panel from the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference today. On the panel was Daryl Morey (GM of the Houston Rockets), Paraag Marathe (COO of the San Francisco 49ers), Drew Carey (Minority Owner & Chairman of Seattle Sounders FC), Rita Benson LeBlanc (Owner/Executive Vice President of the New Orleans Saints), and George Postolos (President & CEO of the Houston Astros). The Panel was moderated by Tony Reali (Around the Horn Host & PTI’s “Stat Boy”).

I really loved this panel for 2 reasons. First Drew Carey was awesomely forthcoming about being an owner and wanting to make sure that the fan base was engaged. The second reason was Rita Benson LeBlanc and how emotional she was about caring about the Saints fan base especially after Katrina. Also Marathe did another great job on the panel and really showed that the Niners are really set in the front office for some years to come.

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